This exceptional herd of South African Boer goats roam free-range across 35 acres of prime pastureland in Northiam, East Sussex.

Specifically bred for meat, the breed are much stockier and meatier than their dairy cousins and are brimming with health and personality.

They are farmed by Jan-Ernst and Vanessa Montagne who have gradually built up their herd through careful breeding and ensuring they receive the best possible care in newly constructed, purpose-built facilities. 

New blood lines have recently been introduced from the prize-winning Terraweena and MacGregors (known as TerraMac) Boer Goat studs in Australia, whose stocks are among the finest quality ever exported from South Africa.

Drawing upon organic principles, Jan-Ernst and Vanessa ensurthe herd and the land they graze are kept - as far as practically possible - free from chemical input, in order to preserve the authentic flavour of the meat.